Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

Some Personal Story of a Student...

Have you ever stay far, far away from home? Away from the one you really care, Friends, Family, and of course, the one you love. Most of people like students who study at a university away from their hometown must have experienced it, especially for International students in foreign country with barely enough communication skill to survive, especially when we start to meet different kind of people from all over the world in one city. At the beginning, it must be really hard to get used to the environment and of course, the culture.

In this world, sure there are so many different kinds of people. Some are people who study all the time, some are people who spend their time for socializing, and some are people who got passion in different things like arts, music, or sport. In Melbourne which I studied right now, you can meet all those type of people everywhere. Indians in the computer labs, Singaporeans the street, Malaysians in the class, Chinese from Taiwan, Beijing and Hong Kong all over in a restaurant, and of course, us Indonesian everywhere. It sure is fun to talk to people like them, especially people from countries which we never know or been before like Cambodia, or Columbia. They’re very nice and funny people! Making some new friends sure is a good thing.

But then, we still can’t ease our feeling, which we miss our beloved, our family and our friends. The peaceful and safe feeling we have when we’re with our family, the fun and joy we have when we’re with our friends, and the comfort and love we feel when we’re with our beloved.

There will be time when we really want to see them. Wanting to be with them in special occasions like birthdays, marriages, reunion, and of course, the moment when a new life will come to this world. Me, I want to come to all those occasions. The marriage of my best friends’ brothers and sisters, the birthday of my beloved, and of course, the birth of my niece!! Gosh 1 month left till I become an uncle!! But still, I can’t attend all those because I’m too far away from home. So sad eh… Well, let’s just hope and pray for them from here. Pray for my friends whose brother/sister will have their marriage this December, I pray for them to have a happy new life with their partner of life. Pray for my friends who already have a girlfriend or boyfriend to have their relationship well and take it to the next step Another pray for my brother who’s having his baby this July, hope you and family to have a great adventure in your life and of course for your baby to be a great person in the future. The other pray of course, Pray for my beloved to have a healthy life. She’s been too busy with her work lately and I think she should need to take LOTS of rest because she’ll need all her energy to study for exams. Then the last pray, is for me. I pray so that she’ll always remember me. Remember me although she’s very very busy with her works, trainings and activities.
In the end, the only thing that can ease that feeling is to communicate. To talk with them again. Apart from the distance and time, all that’s left to do is to talk to them via phone and messages and chatting. The best one is via Video Call. Seeing their faces, and hearing their voices are the most effective way to ease our loneliness. But we must also realize that there’s time when people are extremely busy, too busy until we have not enough time to check our emails, messages, or online through messengers. Must bear with it! Must be Strong!! The only thing we can do.. is remember……

Sabtu, 06 Juni 2009